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             Our Identity in Educating for a Faith and Hope-Filled Future

        Over 350 staff from across the Jesuit and Companion schools                    Australasia have participated in an online course facilitated by Fr              Johnny Go SJ since 2019. Fr Johnny is the Director of the Ateneo              de Manila Institute for the Science and Art of Learning and                        Teaching (SALT).​

  • IPP Trainers Course: two courses offered throughout 2023.

        Over 35 staff from Jesuit and Companion Colleges across                          Australia participated in one of two the Trainers Lab facilitated                  by Fr Johnny Go SJ and Ms Rita Atienza.

  • The biennial Jesuit Colleges Combined Board Retreat 2023

        Over 50 College Board Directors and their partners participated in            the Combined Colleges Board Retreat held at Sevenhill in May.                The Retreat was facilitated by Fr Brendan Byrne SJ and focused on          the theme 'Partnership with Christ on Mission.'

  • The Ignatian year May 2021 - July 2022

       The Ignatian year was announced by Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ in             his letter to the Society on 27 September 2019. To see this                         announcement click HERE.

       The year will commence on 20 May with many activities across the             Australian Province being organised. To see what is happening                 across the Province please click HERE.

            Companions in a Mission of Reconciliation and Justice

           Non Multa Sed Multum - seeking the Magis by reflecting on               the example of Pope Francis

            The Planet Is Our Home

            A Fire that Enkindles other Fires​

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